You have decided to move, found the perfect moving company that suits your needs and at the end there is the dilemma: To pack or not to pack. The answer to this question depends on your time, budget and the number of items that you want to bring to your new home. We will try to help you make the best decision for your move.

Self-pack service

Let’s start with the more popular option – self pack. DIY packing is something that most of the customers prefer. There are a bunch of reasons for that, such as – getting rid of some items that you don’t want to move to your new home. Or maybe you prefer to pack and label your boxes so you can unpack it easier.

Before you start packing your items by yourself, make the plan. Believe us, it is not simple or fast as it might seem. It requires time and patience. But let’s start with the benefits of self-pack.

Lower costs: If you don’t have a flexible budget for your local move you can ask your family members or friends for help. The only expense in this case is packing material (and probably few beers and pizza if your friends are helping). If you have old newspaper or old towels – use them instead of moving paper. For items that are not fragile, you can always use laundry baskets, buckets, suitcases etc.

Timing: If you scheduled your move weeks or even months before your moving date, you will have enough time to plan and do your packing. Day or night, an hour a day or 8 hours a day – it is up to you. You can be as flexible as you want. You can do it in one day or you can extend it to 5. This will lower your stress level before moving.

Organization: You can finally get rid of that old suit that is in your attic 10 years now. Who needs a broken vase in their new home? Once you have sorted your belongings and decided what is worth moving, you can pack the rest and label boxes in the manner that will make your unpacking very simple.

So far, self-pack sounds perfect, right? So, what can possibly go wrong?

Lots of time: At the beginning it might even be fun if you are packing together with your friends and family, but after the 4th hour you will become nervous and it will seem like a never-ending process. Don’t set impossible goals, don’t underestimate the time you need.

Improper packing: Of course you will be careful when packing your own precious belongings, but the chances that you will damage something due to fatigue or just the lack of experience are high.

Insurance: Bear in mind, you don’t have liability insurance when you are packing your items yourself.

If you decide to pack by yourself, keep in mind to:

  • Start packing in time. This is a common mistake. You can easily underestimate the time that you need for packing and start with it just the day before the move. This will just add stress to an already stressful moving situation because you will realize that you won’t be ready for the move when movers arrive. Not to mention that in all of that mess you might end up breaking a lot of your items
  • Make sure to create the inventory and to label boxes
  • Try not to overpack the boxes. If they are too heavy – they might break even if they are double-taped.
  • Don’t pack items that you will need the next day, leave them to be packed in the morning
  • If you are not sure how to pack some item – leave it and ask your movers to assist when the move day comes.

Full-pack service

You were lucky enough to find trustworthy movers and you decided to leave the packing to the professionals? Let’s see what are the benefits of a full pack service done by moving companies.

Efficient and safe packing: Professional moving companies have a lot of experience when it comes to packing your items. They are trained and they have a strategy how to do it in the most efficient way. They know every little trick how to use every box to its maximum without the risk of making it too heavy for handling. Every item will be packed safely and properly, which will minimize margin for damages.

Quality packing materials: If you decide to let everything to the professionals, be sure that your local movers will use brand new packing boxes, plenty of plastic wrap, tape and paper. This way, your items will be even safer.

Liability coverage: Every licensed moving company has insurance. Even if something gets damaged or lost – moving company will take the liability.

You don’t have to do anything: Let’s be honest, this is the best part about full pack service done by movers. You won’t have to spend hours trying to find the best packing material, not to mention hours and hours of packing will be saved. And if you are worried if they will pack everything the way you would like them to – feel free to give them instructions and to supervise the packing.

And what are the disadvantages of using the movers to pack your items?

  • Increase of final cost of the move: Whether you are paying the hourly rate or the flat rate, packing service will cost more money
  • Lack of organization: If you are the person that likes to have everything in control, maybe this option is not the best for you. You might get frustrated once you start unpacking and you can’t find your family photos in the box where photos should be.

Very last thing we have for you is an extra tip:

There is one option that not a lot of customers know about – Partial packing. Most of the moving companies do not charge this additionally. What is a partial pack? Partial pack is a mix of do it yourself-approach and full pack service that moving companies offer. Think about it like 50-50 work. You will be in charge of packing your personal belongings and a professional team of movers will take care of fragile items, such as dishes and china.

Whatever you decide at the end, make sure to have a strict plan. Otherwise your moving will be a nightmare instead of a fresh and happy new chapter of your life.