You are looking for a perfect city for a family-friendly lifestyle? Look no more! Moving to Foster City will fulfill all of your needs. This is a unique city full of watersides and endless parks that has a small-town feel. But before you find a moving company to move you here, let us tell you something more about living in Foster City.

Finding perfect neighborhood

Foster City is located almost half way between San Francisco and San Jose. Access from Foster City is outstanding too, you will need less than a half hour from most anywhere in the Bay Area. The city is mostly residential with a population of just above 30,000 and they are ready to welcome you to their neighborhood. Foster City offers about 14 neighborhoods to choose from. Whether you would like to live in the cozy, quiet house or you would like to find an attractive and modern apartment in the business quarters – you will find it here. Whatever you decide, you can’t be wrong because this community is one of the safest and the most family friendly areas in all of the Bay Area. This is one of the most beautiful cities to live in California. The bay that surrounds the city makes a beautiful scenery with marinas, sail boats, canals, cute ponds where ducks and geese are playing. The streets and roads are super clean. You must be wondering, what’s the catch? As you can assume, living in Foster City comes with a certain price. The overall cost of living index in this city is 58% higher than the California average.


This city probably has greater variability in temperature, cloudiness and sunshine than any other city in this area. In the summer weather is not too hot and there is almost no summer rain. The city is known as the “air-conditioned city in the summer. Don’t believe in Mark Twain quip “I spent the coldest winter of my life one summer in San Francisco” because Foster City is often warmer than neighboring towns. Winter temperatures are mild and freezing temperatures are rare. If you are lucky, you might see the snow, but only in the surrounding mountains.

Getting around

As we already mentioned, the location of this city is perfect. It’s just 10 miles away from San Francisco Airport and 23 miles away from Oakland airport. If you want to get to the west side of the peninsula – Highway 92 goes through Foster City all the way to the Pacific Ocean and to the San Mateo Bridge. San Francisco is just one short train ride away. San Jose is just 30 miles from you. CalTrain has taken over the old Southern Pacific rail commute facilities and that is a life-savior for everyone that needs to commute.

Getting around the city is very easy if you have a car. Streets are wide, everything is easy to access – you will simply enjoy your ride. Perking spots won’t be the problem here. Do not despair if you don’t have a vehicle, Foster City has an excellent public transit system. Biking and walking are always an option because this city offers great paths along the beautiful waterways. This might be the best option for those who don’t have patients to be stuck in the traffic during the peak hours.


Are you seeking employment in the finance sector? We have good news for you! Foster City’s giant Visa employs over 3,000 residents. You can also find plenty of career opportunities for high-paid professionals, but be ready for a lot of job competition. If you don’t find your perfect employment here, keep in mind that you can always check the greater parts of the inland Bay Area, you just need to cross San Mateo bridge.


One of the reasons why young families are moving to Foster City is plenty of daycare options in Redwood Shores. On the other hand, elementary and middle schools in this city are top notch. There are 4 elementary schools in the city. Audubon School, Foster City School and Bowditch Middle School have won California Distinguished School awards. High school students usually attend any of the schools outside the area since there are no public high schools within the city.


Foster City offers a handful of small neighborhood shopping centers throughout the city to fulfill your shopping needs. You can find Bridgepointe Shopping Center here which has a Target, Staples, Marshall’s etc. If you head towards El Camino you will reach Hillsdale Mall. There are a number of shopping centers in the city, such as Safeway, Lucky and Ranch 99 Market. Just outside of Foster City you will find Asian grocery store – Marina Food Market and a Whole Foods. You should know that everything is new and modern, there are good stores and a lively atmosphere which will make shopping one of your favorite activities. And after you are done, you deserve to treat yourself with the meal in one of the numerous restaurants in this city.

Fun things to do in Foster City

If you like to spend your time outdoors, you will be surprised by the variety of options that this city can offer you.

You always wanted to learn how to wind surf? You found the perfect place to learn because weather and water conditions are just perfect for the beginners. Parents with smaller children should probably choose paddle boats, kayaks or paddle boards. If you are not into adrenalin sports, you can just enjoy swimming on one of the several beaches or sunbath. Can you think of a better way to relax after a long week than fishing or bird watching?

Foster City Recreation Center offers a lot of different options, such as dance classes, Seniors activities, skateboard park for teens etc. If you don’t like sports, you can always just enjoy the view of the lagoon or have a nice walk or picnic in one of the 21 parks in this city.

If you have teenagers in your family, you will be happy to know that besides the skatepark, there is also The Vibe that offers teenagers to meet up with their friends. They will have access to game tables, television and video games. The teen center also hosts special events such as dances and sports tournaments. Don’t worry, they will still be supervised.

For dog owners there is a fenced dog park just off the lagoon.

During the spring and summer this city is very vivid. Nearly every weekend has a festival, convert or some kind of outdoor celebration. It’s good to know that festivals are usually free. The most famous festival is the Fort of July celebration with the best fireworks. For true hedonists there is a Wine Festival in June. Summer Concert Series offers free live music Friday evenings.

After you have read this, there’s nothing else left than to type to your Google search “movers near me” and join our community. We are more than happy to welcome you!